Linux-Kernel-Treiber für Thrustmaster T150 Lenkrad in Entwicklung

Thrustmaster T150

Auf Reddit hat der User MrBanana32K bekannt gegeben, dass er an einem Linux-Kernel-Treiber für das Thrustmaster T150 Lenkrad arbeitet, und dieser auch bereits funktioniert!

Zudem gibt er interessante Einblicke in den Prozess des Reverse Engineerings und der Entwicklung.

I'm writing a kernel driver for the Thrustmaster T150 Steering Wheel


Here's the repo if you want to try it out:

I've only tried it with Assetto Corsa [with Proton] and with testing utilities like fftest, evtest and ffmvforce. So far it seems to work quite nicely!

Before trying it out please note the following

It seems that the driver takes a little too much time to upload a force feedback effect to the wheel, so enabling options like Half FFB Update Rate in the game's settings may be needed if you feel the wheel "skipping" some effects (like the wheel is rotating too far or no effects are rendered while driving on curbs)

No pre-built package, you'll have to compile yourself (the script should automate the process and set up a DKMS module)

Prior to this, I had no experience with kernel development, so bugs may be present and your system may suddenly hang or panic (I've never have it)