Linux GOG Downloader 2.25 für Debian Wheezy und Jessie verfügbar

Version 2.25 des GOG-Downloaders für Linux ist erschienen. Die Pakete für Debian 7 (Wheezy) und Debian 8 (Jessie) sind im Repository verfügbar.

Alternativ können die .deb-Dateien auch hier heruntergeladen werden:


LGOGDownloader 2.25
- Added options to login separately to website and API
* --login-api
* --login-website
* Makes it possible to use cookies exported from browser (helps if user gets reCAPTCHA on login form)
- Added detection of reCAPTCHA during login
- Changed path for game specific config files
* Game specific config files are now located in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/lgogdownloader/gamespecific/gamename.conf
- Added support for ignoring dlc count information using game specific config file with --list option
- Removed --no-deb and --no-targz options
* GOG no longer provides deb and tarball archives
- Implemented gogdownloader:// protocol download (patch by: Sandy Carter)
* Implements the following commands:
* lgogdownloader gogdownloader://GAME_NAME/FILE_ID
* lgogdownloader --download-file gogdownloader://GAME_NAME/FILE_ID
* lgogdownloader gogdownloader://GAME_NAME_1/FILE_ID_1,GAME_NAME_2/FILE_ID_2,...
* lgogdownloader --download-file gogdownloader://GAME_NAME_1/FILE_ID_1,GAME_NAME_2/FILE_ID_2,..
- Added option to specify output filename (patch by: Sandy Carter)
* Adds -o and --output-file option to specify path and downloaded file name when using --download-file
- Removed tarball specific code from API implementation
- Fixed priority handling with duplicate values
- Added support for using strings to set language, language-priority, platform and platform-priority instead of using numbers
- Fixed retry on operation timeout