Linux GOG Downloader 2.21 für Debian Wheezy verfügbar

LGOGDownloader, der GOG-Downloader für Linux, ist nun in Version 2.21 für Debian Wheezy aus dem Repository verfügbar.

Wer das Repository nicht nutzen möchte, kann die DEB-Files auch hier herunter laden:


LGOGDownloader 2.21
- Make sure that file is regular file when getting local hash
- Fixed crash in Downloader::checkStatus
- Ignore extras without filename
* These are usually extras that haven't been released yet so they can't be downloaded anyway
- Changed jsoncpp include path from to
- Added support for saving serial keys
* Serials are saved to "serials.txt" when using --save-serials with --download and listed in the output when used with --list-details
- Show more info on HTTP error in API::getResponse when using debug build
- Added option to skip fast platform detection
* --no-platform-detection skips the initial fast platform detection and detects the supported platforms from game details which is slower but more accurate.
* Useful in case platform identifier is missing for some games in the game shelf.
- Fixed downloader skipping some files because of uncleared API error state
- Show url in http error messages


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