LGOGDownloader 3.13 veröffentlicht

LGOGDownloader ist ein inoffizieller Downloader für GOG.com für Linux-Anwender. Es verwendet die gleiche API wie das offizielle GOG Galaxy.

Die neue Version 3.13 fügt neue Funktionen hinzu:

LGOGDownloader 3.13

Added --save-icon option (Patch by: nerdspice)
Skip complete extras
Checks to see if extras are already complete by getting file size from content-length header or API response
Most of the time the API responses are not correct so they are not trusted by default and content-lenght header is used
--trust-api-for-extras makes lgogdownloader trust API responses for extras to be correct
Added options to save game details and product info json (Patch by: nerdspice)
Added options to select blacklist and ignorelist file
--blacklist to set filepath for blacklist
--ignorelist to set filepath for ignorelist
Added blacklist support for --galaxy-install
Added ".mp4" to default orphan check regex
Added support for Qt6 (Patch by: James Le Cuirot)
If necessary, Qt 5 can be forced over 6 by passing "-DCMAKE_DISABLE_FIND_PACKAGE_Qt6=ON"
Changed progress bar to be displayed per file instead of per chunk with --galaxy-install
Added option to force GUI login
--gui-login forces login GUI and disables browser based login method
lgogdownloader must be compiled with -DUSE_QT_GUI=ON
Added option to check login status
--check-login-status prints whether the user is logged in or not
Exit code 0 means logged in
Exit code 1 means not logged in
Added option to list user data
--list "userdata" shows user data in JSON format
Removed htmlcxx dependency
Use libtidy with tinyxml2 to parse html instead
Extended --download-file option to be able to select DLC files
Files can now be selected by using the name of dlc
--download-file "gamename/dlc_gamename/fileid"