Euro Truck Simulator 2: DLC "Feldbinder Trailer Pack" veröffentlicht

Euro Truck Simulator 2: DLC "Feldbinder Trailer Pack" Header
Euro Truck Simulator 2: DLC "Feldbinder Trailer Pack" Screenshot

Für den Euro Truck Simulator 2 ist ein neuer (Bezahl-)DLC jetzt für Linux auf Steam erhältlich: das "Feldbinder Trailer Pack".

Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerk GmbH is Europe's premier silos and liquid tankers manufacturer and a prominent trailer industry leader. We are excited to team up with them to bring you the Feldbinder Trailers Pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The Feldbinder Trailers Pack DLC includes officially licensed content including 4 trailer types, 4 series variations, a wide variety of trailer and chassis sizes, and hundreds of accessory combinations plus a lot of nice cabin accessories for your truck's interior too!

The content of this DLC includes:

Feldbinder EUT (Silo Trailer) with 6 body types & 3 chassis variations
Feldbinder KIP (Silo Trailer) with 6 body types & 2 chassis variations
Feldbinder TSA LM (Food Tanker) with 2 body types & 1 chassis variation
Feldbinder TSA ADR (Chemical Tanker) with 4 body types & 3 chassis variation
Feldbinder branded cabin accessories of a mug, cap, notebook, t-shirt, gym bag, towel, and more!

Also included in this DLC Pack are 5 trailer paint jobs which include the official Feldbinder logo for all trailer variants. With so many options and customizations, we are sure you will be exploring them all in the garage for quite a while.