Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator: endlich Force Feedback für Logitech-Lenkräder unter Linux

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Eine gute Nachricht, auf die alle Linux-Freunde von Euro Truck Simulator 2 und American Truck Simulator schon lange gewartet haben: endlich haben beide Spiele (halb-)offiziellen Support für Force Feedback beim Einsatz von (Logitech) Lenkrädern!

Was bedeutet "halb-offiziell"?

In den Basis-Spielen selbst ist noch immer kein FFB für Lenkräder seitens SCS integriert.

ABER: 50keda, ein Moderator aus dem offiziellen Forum von SCS hat Zugriff auf den Quellcode eines FFB-Plugins für Windows bekommen und daraus ein ETS2/ATS-Plugin für Linux entwickelt!

Getestet wurde dies bisher nur mit Lenkrädern von Logitech - dafür aber erfolgreich.

Hello all,

for a long time now I've been wanting to have some FFB in Linux versions of game. Thus I kindly asked Supric for it's source code of famous FFB plugin and started working.
Today I am finally happy with the result and features that Linux counter part has, so release is finally here!

However to clarify, this is still "only" a port of Supric FFB plugin but also includes some "sugars" from me (for any info on original plugin check this page: viewforum.php?f=109).

My additional features:
1. Support for "any" steering wheel. Linux port should work with steering wheel of any brand as long as it's linux driver supports constant force application.
2. Usage of first green LED light as blinker indicator. By default this is switched on, you can switch it off by setting "use_for_blinker" property in "real_ffb.ini" to 0.
3. Standalone Button Finder application (found inside "button_finder" directory, just double-click "" and select "Run in terminal"). This application serves as getter of button codes. I'ts needed if you want to use feature of changing LED modes during the gameplay.


Das Readme:

System Requirements

1) Euro Truck Simulator 2 v 1.17 or higher, American Truck Simulator v 1.0.0 or higher.
2) 64-bit version of the game


Download archive and extract all files and folders.
Put *.so & *.ini files into the folder: "..\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\linux_x64\plugins\".

If “plugins” folder doesn’t exists – just create it there. If plugin located correctly – you will see info game
message about third-party applications. In the game.log.txt you’ll see information about plugin initialization.


Plugin can be tweaked with settings stored in "real_ffb.ini" file. For more information download original
plugin & take a look at Readme_eng_2.5.rtf saved in downloaded archive. All settings are properly described

Additionally this package is also providing "button_finder" application which can help you find button code
for real time LED mode switching. To get it working just double click "" and choose
"Run In Terminal". After that program will start and will give you further instructions.

Logitech LEDs not working, what now?

We can get this fixed, no worries! Just double click on script "" found inside "leds_permission_fix" and choose Run in Terminal. Then type in your computer password and that's it!
Script will tell you what has been done and then kindly ask you to press a key to finish.


Supric - for original plugin:
50keda - for Linux port

Quelle & Download: Forum von SCS