Cities Skylines: Patch 1.9.0 und Green Cities DLC veröffentlicht

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Für den Städtebau-Simulator Cities Skylines steht der umfangreiche Patch 1.9.0 sowie der neue kostenpflichtige DLC Green Cities für Linux auf Steam bereit.

Beschreibung Green Cities DLC:

Cities: Skylines - Green Cities ist eine neue Erweiterung für die Städtebausimulation von Colossal Order, die den Spielern neue Wege eröffnet, um umweltfreundliche Städte zu bauen. Die Erweiterung fügt dem Hauptspiel 350 neue Objekte hinzu, bietet eine riesige Auswahl neuer visueller Optionen, darunter ökobewusste Gebäude, Bioläden, Elektrofahrzeuge sowie neue Dienste, mit denen Verschmutzung zu einer fernen Erinnerung wird. Bauen und entwickeln Sie diversifizierte oder zu hundert Prozent grüne Städte. Neue Dienste und Gebäude finden ebenso Eingang ins Spiel wie Verbesserungen in Sachen Umwelt- und Lärmverschmutzung, sodass Chirper wieder sicher fliegen können.

Und das ist nur die Spitze des Eisberges, dazu kommen spannende neue Funktionen wie:

Story to Story, Building to Building, Street to Street:
Neue oköfreundliche, spezialisierte und einzigartige Gebäude sowie alternative Dienstleistungsgebäude, Elektrofahrzeuge und Parks – insgesamt 350 neue Objekte verleihen Cities: Skylines eine neue Optik.

I Wish I Was Special, You’re So Very Special:
Neue Spezialisierungsoptionen für alle Stadtgebiete. Erstmalig in Cities: Skylines gibt es auch aufgestufte Spezialisierungen.

So What So What So What’s the Scenario:
3 neue Szenarien, 4 neue mögliche Richtlinien und ein neues Monument, das ihr Freunde grün vor Neid werden lässt.

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear More Stylish:
Und natürlich gibt es einen neuen Hut für Chirper.

Beschreibung Patch 1.9.0:

Cities Skylines base game

Electric cars for citizens
Noise Pollution overhaul
3 new parks
Tropical Garden
Floating Cafe
Fishing Island
Info view toggling + info view for district painting
New trees
Asset Editor
Road modding tool
Floating building creation
Train track intersection rules
Need icon settings
Increased maximum building LOD atlas size because automatic downscaling loses DXT compression
Added placeable European theme buildings to other themes & vice versa when European / vanilla style is enabled
Added rain effect on glass material
Vehicle Info Panel now expand with long vehicle names to some extent
Fixed: Noticeable shadow acne glitch on assets within camera view during dusk/dawn
Fixed: "Add style" button is hard to use when using DE, FR, PL, PT, ES and RU
Fixed: Reset Configuration in MISC menu does not affect display settings
Fixed: Paradox login won't accept user's passwords
Fixed: Tooltip for Slope Terrain Landscaping tool has primary and secondary mouse reversed
Fixed: Mac - Zooming out quickly while moving the view on the city's border causes the view to go out of this border
Fixed: Misleading fertile and forest resource placing in Map Editor
Fixed: Mechanics of the Weather Probability sliders in the Theme Editor are unclear
Fixed: Excessively long messages in Scenario Editor become fragmented when repetitively triggered
Fixed: Map DLC requirement is not readable if map is selected in Content Manager
Fixed: Cut off text in zone building info view in EN, ES, FR, PL and PT
Fixed: Cut off text in district info view in DE, EN, ES, FR, PL, PT and RU
Fixed: Overflowing string in Medical Center description in DE
Fixed: Land value icon in district panel wrongly positioned
Fixed: Text issue in PL Citizen Happiness and Outside Connections infoviews
Fixed: Small overflowing text fix for DE Garbage infoview
Fixed: Overlapping Hospital and Water Pumping Station description in DE, ES and FR
Fixed: EU hospital description missing information about helicopter and helipad
Fixed: EU Hospital short description missing information about helipad in all languages
Fixed: Overflowing FR color label in transport lines overview panel
Fixed: Bottom line of text in Ore and Oil Industry specialization is cut off in EN, ES, FR,
Fixed: European Theme buildings text and tooltips are not localized in Chinese
Fixed: Overlapping policies text in Big Town Milestone panel in RU
Fixed: Cut off new unlocked policies and specialization text in Milestone Panel in DE and RU
Fixed: Base game industry specialization description syntax in DE is inconsistent with other languages
Fixed: Description of Paint and Erase 'Districts Painting Tools' are cut off in DE
Fixed: Typo in lightning storm chirp
Fixed: 'All conditions met at the same time' text is cut-off in PL scenario win/lose conditions header
Fixed: Some map names are not localized in DE
Fixed: Weekly tourist visits info overlaps with other parts of the district info screen in PL and PT
Fixed: Uploading an asset to workshop sometimes causing the asset to become corrupted due to wrong format version in package header
Fixed: Cathedral of Plenitude requirements text need to be more clear
Fixed: Long district names are cut-off at the end while in-game
Fixed: There is no confirmation when changing the "Resolution" or the "Aspect Ratio" in the editors
Fixed: The text from the Advisor panel flickers when a notification is positioned over it
Fixed: The description box when saving an asset is too small preventing the entire text to be displayed and should hold more characters
Fixed: Advisor info text for districts is cut off for DE, FR and RU
Fixed: Middle points of intersections causing false overlapping detection and preventing placement even if nothing is built there
Fixed: Cannot create a new scenario while already inside the Scenario Editor
Fixed: Editors do not update load availability immediately when disabling custom assets, themes, scenarios
Fixed: When increasing size of Metro Station, the ground texture disappears when placing a tree or prop on the ground
Fixed: Pavement Path have misplaced light source on light lamps when built on slope terrain
Fixed: Painting Districts in Natural Resources map mode should be allowed
Fixed: The user should have the option to toggle between the "white" and the "normal" view when building a new building
Fixed: Missing public transport line tooltip preview when switching / hovering over different transport line thumbnail
Fixed: Building elevated road and tracks over zoned buildings not highlight removed zone grid
Fixed: Unable to easily relocate some of the public transport buildings if parts of it overlap the original location
Fixed: Opening Bulldozer while relocating a building causes tooltip to get stuck
Fixed: Weather Probabilities percentage number shows 100% despite slider being set at 0%
Fixed: Transport tool getting messed up when deleting the line that is currently being edited
Fixed: Duplicate prefab errors when having the same pillar in multiple elevations
Fixed: Keymapping for Toggle Snapping keys doesn't reset after using "Reset Key Mapping" option

Die vollständigen Änderungen des Patches (für alle DLCs) befinden sich in der Steam-Ankündigung.

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