ATOM RPG: Update 1.187 veröffentlicht

ATOM RPG: Update 1.187 Header

Das Update 1.187 zu ATOM RPG wurde für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Greetings, friends!

Today we are happy to finally present you with a full Brazilian Portuguese translation of the game many of you asked of us. The translation, which contains over 1 million words, is authored solely by the talented translator Edson Belo de Oliveira Júnior. He can be found via his @mundonasher account on Twitter. If you liked his work be sure to stop by! Our team is extremely thankful for his effort.

Apart from the PT-BR translation, this patch adds a few important fixes, based on the bug reports and suggestions you have made on the forums:

Steam Deck sound issues fixed;
Optimized overall performance on PC;
Added helpful fixes to ModKit;
And much more smaller fixes.

We hope you enjoy, and as always feedback is very welcome.

Atom Team