AppGameKit Version 2018.08.30 für Linux veröffentlicht

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Die neue Version 2018.08.30 von AppGameKit (auch bekannt als AGK2) fügt neue Kommandos hinzu und behebt einige Probleme.

Das Changelog zur aktuellen Version:

AppGameKit Version 2018.08.30

Today we've released a new version of AppGameKit with a range of new commands and fixes. The full details of what's new in this version are listed here:

Added SetClipboardText and GetClipboardText commands on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Fixed SetVideoPosition not doing anything on iOS and Mac

Added GetSpriteFlippedH/V commands (courtesy of Laurie)
Added GetSpriteInScreen to return 1 if the sprite is in the visible screen area
Added GetSkeleton2DDepth() (courtesy of bengismo)

Updated AdMob consent library to version 1.0.6 on Android and 1.0.3 on iOS which removes the 12 provider limit

Added DrawParticles command to draw the particles immediately to the back buffer
Added Draw3DParticles command to draw the 3D particles immediately to the back buffer

Fixed a crash when loading some 3D model formats on Android due to unaligned memory access

Removed 200fps limit with VSync enabled on Windows for monitors that can go up to 240Hz and beyond
Fixed objects becoming corrupted on iOS if the device only supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and the object has more than 65535 vertices

File I/O
Fixed ViewFile and ShareImage commands not being able to use raw: file paths
Improved performance when opening files from expansion files on Android

Edit Boxes
Fixed edit boxes incorrectly using the alternate input box if the view offset is being used
Fixed alternate input box being too small on high resolution devices
Added SetEditBoxInputType command to set the virtual keyboard to numbers only
Added GetEditBoxDepth()

Changed SSL library used on Android and Linux to provide better HTTPS support
Fixed SendHTTPFile not checking for an empty filename string

Fixed calling StopSpeaking during a delay on iOS causing future speech to fail

Screen Recording
Screen recording on Android 7 or above will now pause when the app is sent to the background instead of stopping

Local Notifications
Fixed local notifications not working on Android 8.0 and above

Fixed TTF fonts using lots of unicode characters causing a crash with some text sizes

Added support for video playback on HTML5

Steam owners of AppGameKit will have the update ready for them. TheGameCreators customers can download the new version direct from our servers from thier order history area of the TheGameCreators website.

AGK2 ist eine Multi-Plattform 2D/3D Spiele-Engine und Entwicklungsumgebung für Linux, MacOS und Windows.

Programme und Spiele können in einem BASIC-ähnlichem Dialekt, in C++ und seit Kurzem auch in Java/Kotlin entwickelt werden und laufen danach unter Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS und HTML5.

Weitere Informationen zu AGK2:

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