American Truck Simulator: Update 1.5 inkl. Vergrößerung der Welt veröffentlicht

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American Truck Simulator Map

Das Update 1.5 zu American Truck Simulator ist ab sofort für Linux auf Steam verfügbar.

Es enthält eine vollständig überarbeitete Karte sowie viele weitere Verbesserungen.

Weitere Informationen:

Rescaled map main features:
Scale 1:35 → 1:20 – 1,75x larger map

Hundreds of miles of new longer roads

A new city - Santa Maria

Completely reworked city – Oxnard

Reworked roadsystem topology:
New Interstate I-580 and I-80 connections
I-5 near LA topology corrected
I-5 Redding topology corrected
New stretch of CA-101

Correct interstate junctions - no more same level crossing, freeways exiting on itself, etc

28 reworked or new junctions - most notably - Reno, San Francisco, San Diego, L.A.

6 new custom rest areas – truckstops

More accurate height profiles - new steeper climbs and descends

Famous recognizable landscape landmarks: Donner pass, Grapevine, Kumeyaay highway, Picachio peak, Humphreys peak, Cajon pass

ATS 1.5 patchnotes

Main features
Map rebuilt in 1:20 scale
Upgrade Shop and Truck Browser Search Tool
New chassis options (6x2 & 6x2 Midlift)

Adjustable interior FOV per truck
Weigh station UI behavior made more real
Truck repair/refuel performed by hired driver cost money, included in logs
Added informational dialog showing when game detects upgrade or downgrade
Added pounds + short tonnes as weight unit option
Add possibility to buy driver and co-driver plate in truck dealer
Online job offer: Replaced refresh button with browse jobs
Better trailer air pressure simulation
Low air warning should only be active with running engine
Parking brake mechanical safeguard on low air added
Revised rolling resistance computations
Hired driver use same math for eco skill as player
Added selector modes to shift layout, correct detection of split shifts (advanced mode)
Adaptive shifting logic improved
Mod manager: Added link to load game screen in case game crashed and user has at least one mod activated
Mod manager: Added possibility of setting profile by name and by user profile pointer
Mod manager: Added dlc dependency list to mod manifest
Prevent to AI trucks disappearing in players view
Tweaked traffic spawn frequencies

Changed map parameters (climate_profile, map_data)
Moddable interior camera zoom parameters. (speed, factor)
1 degree rotation on Ctrl + R, 90 degree rotation on Home
Merged editable sign and sign dialog
Refresh sign template and its model from content browser
Added letter-spacing to sign editor
Store content browser navigation history
Support for day/nigh effect switching and child hookups for lod_model_hookup_u
Undo of veg sphere manipulation