Dawn of War 3: free update with new units, skins and multiplayer maps released for Linux

Dawn of War 3 Header
Dawn of War 3 Agents of Death

Feral has released a free update for the strategy game Dawn of War 3 on Linux.

It adds three Elite Units, three multiplayer maps as well as five Elite Skins:

Steady your hand and roll out the blood-red carpet for a free update, containing:

Three formidable Elite Units: The Ironclad Dreadnought of the Space Marines, the Lifta-Droppa Wagon of the Orks, and the Wraithseer of the Eldar.

Hitman: Holiday Pack released for Linux

Hitman: Holiday Pack Header
Hitman: Holiday Pack

A very special assignment awaits Agent 47 in the new Holiday Pack, which can be obtained for free between December 15th to January 5th on Steam (or in the ingame store).

In this assignment, Agent 47 has to take down two thieves of Xmas presents in Paris ...

If you don't own the main game, you'll also get the first episode incl. the first story mission "Showstopper" for free:

Dying Light: new update with silencer for pistols released

Dying Light Logo
Dying Light Silencer

A new update for Dying Light has been released for Linux on Steam. It adds (among other things) a silencer for pistols to the game.

Since your shots now don't attract the enemies, it creates completely new stealth opportunities - especially at night:

Dying Light stealth has just been redefined!

Equip your pistols with the silencer and don’t worry about noise anymore. Now your gunshots won’t attract the enemies, which creates completely new stealth opportunities - especially at night.

ScummVM 2.0 released

ScummVM Logo

After a testing phase of nearly a month the final version 2.0 of ScummVM has been released.

With ScummVM it is possible to run classic Point-and-Click-Adventures (LucasArts, Sierra etc.) on many modern systems.

Besides improvements in the video- and audio-systems and in the support for Joysticks, the Version 2.0 also gained support for 23 new titles:

Sword Coast Legends: from January on no longer on Steam, final sale has begun

Sword Coast Legends Final Sale
Sword Coast Legends Screenshot

The developers of Sword Coast Legends announced on Steam, that their publishing contract is coming to an end at the end of December.

Therefore the Action-RPG will be no longer available on Steam from the beginning of January, and a final sale for the game (€ 4,94) has started.