Tropico 6: Update Numero Cuatro released for Linux, now with savegames in multiplayer

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The fourth update to Tropico 6 finally adds a long missed feature to the game: multiplayer games can now be saved and continued another time!

Tropico 6 Update Número Cuatro has been released - Multiplayer Savegames

Fellow Tropicans!

We are happy to announce that the eagerly-anticipated save game function is here in the latest update for Tropico 6! Thank you for your patience and continued support.

We will continue working on Tropico 6 and further improve it with future updates, which will include more balancing, fixes and overall improvements.

We hope you enjoy Tropico 6!

New features:

Implemented the functionality to create and load savegames in multiplayer.

Viva Tropico! Viva El Presidente!

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