Tropico 6: großes Update (v.10) "Guerra de Guerrillas" veröffentlicht

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Ein weiteres großes Update (v.10) namens "Guerra de Guerrillas" zu Tropico 6 wurde für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht:

A free new update for Tropico 6 is now available.

Packed with quality of life improvement and bug fixes, the ‘Guerra de Guerillas‘ update brings with it the ability to relocate all buildings, improved Guerilla fighter behaviour, performance optimizations and much more!

You can find the full list of tweaks and improvements below:

Relocate buildings
Added ability to relocate vast majority of buildings
Significantly reduced destruction animation time for all buildings
Added ability to relocate a building to a location currently blocked or impeded by said building’s
current position, e.g. moving a building by one tile
Construction/Building pausing
It is now possible to pause many buildings
Paused buildings do not incur any costs and all employees will be fired
Teamsters will not deliver or pickup goods from paused buildings
Performance optimizations
Improved performance for large maps and populations
Tweaked building info UI to reduce and avoid scrollbars, if possible.

Community feedback
Improved Guerrilla behaviour
Guerrillas now spawn much further from the building they are looking to engage, giving armed forces a better chance at properly intercepting
Guerrillas need much more time, as they now are planting a bomb, rather than setting a building on fire, giving armed forces a better opportunity to intercept.
Guerrillas have had their strength increased.
Guerillas now also engage watch towers properly (previously watch towers were ignored by guerillas)
DLC content now available in all mission maps
It is now possible to enable the content from all DLCs throughout all missions
Important: the above feature is experimental and could lead to varying gameplay experiences among players
Separate options now available for text and voice-over languages
Text and voice-over languages are no longer locked together, meaning players can have different options active for each (e.g. CN text and EN voice-over)
Pirate options
Added the option to modify Pirate difficulty during colonial times
Pirate attacks can also be disabled completely.

Bug fixes
Fixed issues with inconsistent family relationships
Fixed minor crashes and graphical glitches
Fixed a lot of translation and text issues
Fixed camera bug not showing El Presidente, when entering customization mode.

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