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Sigma Theory 1.0
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Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, das "rundenbasierte Simulationsspiel über den globalen kalten Krieg der Zukunft" verlässt nach sieben Monaten den Early Access mit einem Update.

Sigma Theory is finally out of Early Access!
The 1.0 update is available to download from Steam now!
The current game has nothing in common with the one we've released 7 months ago. We've worked hard fixing bugs, improving feedbacks, adding content, fine-tuning mechanics and balancing gameplay with your feedback and support to come up with the best version of the game you get today!

Making a game like this with so much novelty is not an easy task and we're grateful you've sticked up with us during the past months.
Some of you hated the game, some of you loved the game. But we've listened to everyone because, at the end of the day, we're making games for the players, not for ourselves.
The experience of developing the game with you along was enlightening for the whole team and it is something we'll do again for our next game *cough* Out There: Oceans of Time *cough*.

So, again, on behalf of the team: THANK YOU.

Development is not stopping as we're already working on the new playable country that will be available in the next update.

**Full patchnote**
----1.0 ----


New agent : Jahrein
New character : Spy drone operator
9 new achievements


All countries now have their own buildings in exfiltration scenes
Added portal to show when the agent uses the trait GATE in exfiltrations
Other various UI improvements


Agents SCAR, MORRIGH4N, MAESTRO and TSUBA become elite
Player can now chose whose which agent(s) and scientist(s) gain a trait during events
AI now steals more scientists from countries which lost sigma race
Actions are now possible in a country at war, but agents only have to be spotted once to be forced to flee the country, and fleeing is slow instead of fast
Prisoners now only need to be located before exfiltration, preparation is no longer needed
Player now has 3 choices when recruiting an agent mid-game
Added a discretion score to exfiltrations
No more than 2 organizations will give tasks at any given time
Travel is now possible to a country at war, but only infiltration
Added doomsday clock bonus when refusing to work with organisation


Added events for warning player when losing sigma race
Added indication of diplomatic cost/benefit on request/offers button tooltips in diplomacy meetings
Added a popup to explain why the player gets an ending
Added new sounds
Added common keyboard shortcuts
Added resolution choice in options
Added arrows to navigate easily between agents
Available spouses are now limited to unlocked agents
Added button to cancel ongoing recruitment in recruitment screen
Added tooltip for weapon types


Don't show progress report for double agents that were just recruited
Fixed wrong reaction text when agents are ordered to capture or counter a spy
Fixed bug where a meeting could still take place with a country that was eliminated
Fixed bugs where wrong text or character was displayed in organisation missions
Fixed rare game freeze when spouse is kidnapped and country asks for ransom
Fixed bug where cancelling a mission and assigning it again could result in a different duration
Fixed bug where agent sometimes didn't explain when quitting because of injury
Fixed bug where expired contracts could stay in contracts window
Fixed bug where last Opus Mariae mission had the wrong summary
Fixed bug where refused or failed mission could still be accomplished afterwards

Sigma Theory ist erhältlich für Linux auf GOG und Steam.

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