SC-Controller: v0.4.8 veröffentlicht

SC-Controller Screenshot

sc-controller, der Linux-User-Mode-Treiber für den Steam- und weitere Controller (z. B. DS4), wurde in der Version 0.4.8 veröffentlicht.



Hip fire style action for trigger (implemented by @ren2r)


AppImage works on Ubuntu >= 20.04
Added DualShock 4v2 over Bluetooth udev rule (thanks @Alastor27)
Button labels on Gyro Tilt mixed up (thanks @Patola)
Cemu hook not working with Dolphin Emulator (thanks @cjxgm)
Radial menu drawing broken on HDPI displays
Gesture recognition not working with DS4
"Confirm menu selection by releasing" not working at all
Moving STICK and LPAD at once can make buttons stuck
Issues with non-ascii (and especially Chinese) charaters in profile name