SC-Controller: v0.4.6 und v0.4.9.2 veröffentlicht

SC-Controller Screenshot

sc-controller, der Linux-User-Mode-Treiber für den Steam- und weitere Controller (z. B. DS4), wurde heute in der Version 0.4.6 sowie v0.4.9.2 veröffentlicht.

Der neue Zweig v0.4.9.2 ist ein kompletter Rewrite des Treibers in C. Er ist bisher experimentell und soll neben Linux auch unter BSD, Windows und Android laufen:


Very experimental release of c port of SC Controller.

There is no GUI and a lot of stuff doesn't work yet, but what works works on Linux, BSD and Windows. And also Android, eventually.

See this wiki page on how to use scc on Windows and report issues, preferably here

New since v0.4.9.1

Support for XInput on Windows 8 and above
Configuration is now editable (see Registry -> Current user -> software -> SCController)
Implemented a lot of actions and modifiers
NetBSD / OpenBSD support

Der bisherige Entwicklungszweig wird aber auch weitergepflegt:

Latest release


This version will automatically convert all your profile files into latest version of format, so it will not be necessary to keep backwards compatibility back to very first release anymore. It also fixes daemon-crashing bug triggered by Steam Play titles.


Added support for Retroarch RemotePad protocol, which allows using mobile phone as additional controller. See this wiki page for more info.
Added option to use shell command as condition in modeshift (#427)


Proton (Steam Play) crashing scc-daemon (#435)
Setting wrong parent windows in action editor (#430)

static const day_t while = 83;