Road Redemption: neuer DLC "Revengers Assemble" für Linux erhältlich

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Ein neuer (Bezahl-)DLC namens "Revengers Assemble" ist für das Action-geladenen Motorradspiel Road Redemption ab sofort für Linux auf Steam erhältlich.

This DLC features a new Endless mode with online leaderboards and three new racers with their own unique weapons!

Endless mode boasts number of different single-player and splitscreen endless challenges (different bikes, different riders, etc) that take the player through an endless set of the game’s existing levels. Players will compete for the top spots on leaderboards.

New Riders:
Admiral Uganda - Features:
Utilize Admiral Uganda's unique shield made of Vibronium to defeat your enemies.
If you time your deflects perfectly the energy of the attacker is deflected back at him.
You can also throw your shield to knock unsuspecting enemies off their bikes.

Theranos - Features:
Theranos wields the dangerous Chaos Gauntlet.
Every time you snap your fingers…Every enemy has a 50% chance of turning to dust.
You have a 25% chance of turning yourself to dust, ending your game.

PC Master Race Rider - Features:
How good are your specs? Flex your gaming rig with PC Master Racer!
Loses 0.5HP per second, for every second that the framerate dips below 60fps
The higher your graphics settings are, the more damage your character does
The higher your screen resolution, the more nitro PC Master Racer has.

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