Prison Architect: umfangreiches Bug-Fix-Update veröffentlicht

Prison Architect New Header

Zu der Gefängnis-Aufbau-Simulation Prison Architect wurde das umfangreiche Bug-Fix-Update für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Staff Alerts

Fixed Staff alerts: pop-up are closed/not spawned when research, graphs or grading screens are up.
Fixed Staff alerts: now displaying Psychologist instead of the Psychiatrist.
Staff alert pop-ups no longer show in the main menu.
Pop-ups now show for all Staff alerts, not just the new going green ones.
Holding cell staff alert that factors in the overflow of prisoners, now takes into account prisoners in dormitories.

Going Green

Serving Table inconsistency: small serving table can now be placed outside.
Fixed Green Power generator: it doesn't connect to the transformer if being moved one tile.
Fixed an issue that caused Green Energy Goals to show a progress counter despite players having completed the task.
Fix Green Power Sources generating power when not connected to Transformer.
Trees can no longer be planted next to a wall or on the wall when using Grove from Quick Build.
Continuous fertilizer will no longer do repeat orders when it's already fertilized a plant.
Indoor Tree Planter cannot be moved when a tree is planted.
Prisoners will no longer only plant flowers when it is a High Priority task.
No more industrial sounds when packing fruits to boxes.
Sounds from working on crop fields can no longer be heard from any part of the map.
Contraband that is specific for Going Green Produced narcotics and booze will only be shown if the player owns the DLC.

Fixed wrong Staff icons used in Jobs tab.
Prisoner icon now used when tending flowers by prisoners;
Farmer icon used when moving harvested ingredients inside farm room.

Escape Mode

Escape mode punishment timers now show a countdown.
Fixed issue where escaping or being released via helicopter was not registering.
Fixed helicopter export.
After escaping from prison, killed Farmers no longer appear as Electrical Cable on score board.
Player can now be assigned to dormitories in Escape mode.

Other fixes

Minor localization fixes.
Fixed issue with borderless windows displaying incorrectly on the monitor.
Fixed crash when loading a savegame from the “Bootstraps” mission.
Selling flooring cannot be cancelled anymore, and will happen instantly to be more aligned with other forms of selling.
Building plans with the Planning tool now deducts money instead of adding it.
The Valuation tab is now visible from the Reports UI without any DLC turned on.
Added counting of Recycle Bin to Staff Alert about lack of Bins.
Crisis toolbar no longer flickers in the top left corner for a frame before moving to its appropriate and correct position.
Players are no longer able to build Outdoor Objects in Quick Build Indoor rooms
Added storage shelf and scanner as suggested items to storage room.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from placing objects like Paintings or Sinks on t-shaped wall intersections.
Fridges and tall fridges in storage rooms can now only store food.
Prioritize Area (Farmer) button is no longer visible in the base game without any DLC turned on.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from expanding the land when starting a game with the “Land expansion” option enabled.
Cooks will now prepare all required meals before an “Eat” regime slot instead of only half.

Known Issues

Damaged items will reset their rotation. This can lead to them no longer working as intended, e.g. if the affected item is a door that separates security sectors
As a workaround, players can select the “move” option to correct the item placement after the repair.

Large Prison Doors will change their rotation if Orderlies are walking through them
We recommend using small Jail Doors only if players are playing with the Psych Ward expansion and when having Orderlies in the prison.

The staff can endlessly transport Laundry Baskets between the Laundry and Reception rooms.
If players are using Quick Rooms that require parts of the prison to be demolished, the game will prevent them from building utilities in that area until the construction of the Quick Room has been completed.
It is not possible to build objects or walls in Quick Rooms while they are under construction.
Clone Tool charges the player twice on the cost of objects in the cloned room.
There are issues with starting Escape Mode on the Green Power Plant map that can cause players to spawn in the top left corner of the map.
Staff Alert "The prison is not efficiently disposing of waste" does not disappear when placing Recycling Bins.
Sink and Mirror objects can be placed anywhere even without a wall.
Repairing a damaged Transformer takes a lot of time and it's texture is not changing immediately after being fixed.
There are some issues with syncing task progress in multiplayer that we are planning to fix for the next patch.
Dragged construction (e.g. water pipes) can get canceled when the construction of a quick room is completed.
The game can falsely displays “No Route” errors while any construction menu is opened
The Contraband staff alert does not disappear automatically.
The “Death Row” story mission cannot be completed if players move the Power Station of the prison.
Game crashes after assigning any type of Guard to a deep water area in the middle of the lake.
Electrical appliances are deleting existing electrical cables when moved & placed beside them
Timer of Prisoner Intake can go to a negative value if the prison has a Riot underway

We appreciate all the feedback, and we are still looking into solving more issues that you all have been reporting, and we plan to have another update coming with more fixes and improvements!

Thank you for your support!