Prison Architect: kostenloser DLC "Cleared for Transfer" und Update "The Bucket" veröffentlicht

Prison Architect Cleared for Transfer Header
Prison Architect Cleared for Transfer Diagram

Zu dem Gefängnis-Management-Spiel Prison Architect wurde der kostenloser DLC "Cleared for Transfer" und das Update "The Bucket" für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Die vollständigen Release-Notes zu beiden sind hier zu finden.

To all wardens,

Today we celebrate the release of Cleared for Transfer and The Bucket update, introducing several new exciting mechanics, wall types, objects and much more to your game. Check out the patch notes below!

Cleared for Transfer:

With Cleared for Transfer, we introduce the idea that prisoners can now transfer between security sectors of your prison - you control the criteria or rules for prisoners to transfer. In order to create a ‘motivation’ for prisoners to transfer, you can also link and/or restrict privileges to individual security sectors. You can increase (or decrease) a security sector’s grade (e.g. Min Sec), by attaching privileges (such as Visitation), adding new objects, equipment, and facilities, and making regime changes (such as more Yard time).

Ultimately your aim should be to entice prisoners to want to transfer into a more comfortable or privileged sector, and then encourage them to change their ways in order to meet the criteria for transfer.