Linux GOG Downloader 2.24 für Debian Wheezy und Jessie verfügbar

Eine neue Version 2.24 des GOG-Downloaders für Linux für Debian Wheezy und Jessie ist im Repository verfügbar.

Wer das Repository nicht nutzen möchte, kann die DEB-Files auch hier herunter laden:


LGOGDownloader 2.24
- Downloader::repairFile now creates new XML data on filesize mismatches
- Added check for extras missing filenames
* Extras without filename are skipped
- Added order-only prerequisite to OBJ_RELEASE and OBJ_DEBUG in Makefile
- Added option to ignore DLC count information
* --ignore-dlc-count option sets regular expression for games to ignore DLC count
* Game specific option "ignore-dlc-count" can be set in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/lgogdownloader/gamename.conf
- Better startup time when using --game regex especially when using generic --ignore-dlc-count='.*' (patch by: Petr Běhan)
- Added support for Brazilian Portuguese
- Platform and language constants are now set using left shift to make code easier to understand
- Better handling of connection issues
* Assume that we have connection error and abort/retry transfer if download speed is less than 200 B/s for 30 seconds
- Fixed issue with incomplete files when using --status option
- JSON parsing failure in Downloader::getGames is assumed to be caused by expired cookies and user is told to try --login
- Fixed handling large files on 32 bit platforms (patch by: Erik Fleischer)
- The downloader now deletes old cookies before login attempt when using --login
* Helps with some login issues
- Json::Reader::getFormattedErrorMessages is now used instead of deprecated getFormatedErrorMessages
* jsoncpp >= 0.6.0 required