Euro Truck Simulator 2: "Sounds Rebalance Package" veröffentlicht

Euro Truck Simulator 2: "Sounds Rebalance Package" Header

Zum Euro Truck Simulator 2 wurde heute das "Sounds Rebalance Package" für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht:

With the Operation Genoa Bridge event still ongoing and the bridge nearing completion, you may have noticed that Euro Truck Simulator 2 received a small update on Steam earlier today. Don't worry, we did not release the next update behind your back. It was actually a focused, small but important mini-update that deserves explaining.

This 'rebalance package', as we like to call it, contains numerous sound improvements and adjustments. Our SFX team keeps working hard on sound improvements, the sound revolution in the update 1.37, and switch to the FMOD library was a critical junction but not the final destination for them. We received a ton of feedback from our community, and most of these changes come as a response to this input. It is quite possible that you can see further mini-updates in the future, outside of the big "point release" update cycle, as we continue to keep addressing your reports.

Today's update carries a few SFX changes such as:

Polished sound transitions (e.g. for both loaded and unloaded engine/rpm)
Several new sound samples for AI vehicles
Overall re-balanced sounds, and volumes
And more!

As we said at the beginning of the year, we still have a long journey ahead in bringing better and more realistic sounds to our games in general. We know that with the help of our community, we can achieve our goal. Collectively, we have vast experience across the whole spectrum of vehicles and their specs. Please continue sending us your feedback, particularly with the sounds.

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Thank you!