Cities Skylines: 3-Jahres-Jubiläums-Patch mit kostenlosen "Surviving Mars"-Inhalten veröffentlicht

Cities Skylines: 3-Jahres-Jubiläums-Patch Header
Cities Skylines Chirp Building

Zu dem Städtebau-Simulator Cities Skylines wurde auf Steam nun der 3-Jahres-Jubiläums-Patch mit kostenlosen "Surviving Mars"-Inhalten für Linux veröffentlicht.

Dieser enthält ein Gebäude zum Bau einer Rakete, die Rakete selbst sowie eine neue Radio-Station "Official Mars Radio":

Celebrate Cities: Skylines 3 year anniversary with some FREE Surviving Mars themed content in the 1.9.2-f1 'ChirpX' Patch

We're thrilled to invite all our fans to join the party this weekend, as Cities: Skylinesturns three years old tomorrow, March 10! How better to cap off three years than a shiny new milestone? The celebrated city-builder has sold over five million copies for Windows, MacOS and Linux since launch.

In that time, Paradox and Colossal Order have released over 1,000 new assets and many new features, such as leisure and tourism, landscaping, football, radio stations, concerts, helicopters, ferries, monorails, cable cars, blimps and so much more. And yet, players in the Cities community are the TRUE big content producers, supplying more than 144,000 mods to-date. All sorts of user-generated maps, scenarios and assets are available in the Steam Workshop, for free!

Over the past three years, Cities: Skylines fans have definitively proven they can survive Natural Disasters, heavy Snowfall and self-inflicted anarchy of all sorts, but the question looms... can they survive Mars?

To celebrate its third birthday and five million milestone, Cities: Skylines players are getting a new unique Rocket City building called Xchirp Launcher, an astronaut Chirper, and a new free radio station - Official Mars Radio! Tune into Mars beginning this Friday, March 9 and jam out to space musical electro songs like Perfect Wave, Mission Stardust, The Return of Sputnik, Moon Zero Two and Aiming for Jupiter.

Learn more about our creation of the ChirpX content in this special Dev Diary

The 'ChirpX' Patch is live NOW for all players!

Added ChirpX launch site
Added new Chirper hat
Added Official Mars Radio
Korean is available for all players

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