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Soeben wurde AppGameKit (auch genannt AGK2) in der Version 2017.02.28 veröffentlicht.

Die neue Version enthält einige neue Funktionen (z. B. Unterstützung für IPv6) sowie viele Verbesserungen und Bugfixes.
Weiterhin wurden einige neue Video-Tutorials der Playlist auf YouTube hinzugefügt.

AGK2 ist eine Multi-Plattform 2D/3D Spiele-Engine und Entwicklungsumgebung für Linux, MacOS und Windows.
Programme und Spiele können in einem BASIC-ähnlichem Dialekt oder in C++ entwickelt werden und laufen danach unter Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS und HTML5.

Weitere Informationen zu AGK2:

Homepage von AGK2
AGK2 auf Steam
Playlist auf YouTube

Das Changelog zur aktuellen Version:

Here's a full run down of the additions and fixes;

Fixed PlayVideoToTexture on Windows not working with WMV videos

Fixed Android export not working with Firebase if the Firebase config file contained details for more than one Android app
Fixed exported APK crashing if it uses GameCenter commands but was exported without a Game Services ID
Updated Ouya export for the latest icon requirements
Removed hack on Android that was used to force the volume buttons to set the media volume rather than the notification volume, which may have been causing audio distortion
Fixed ExtractZip not working on Android if the zip file was inside the APK
Removed armeabi (ARMv5) binary for Android which was only used by very old devices, AGK now requires ARMv7 or greater on Android. This reduces the APK size by about 4.5MB

In-App Purchases
Using InAppPurchaseSetup will no longer display a message box if it is called multiple times in the AGK player, for example when broadcasting an app multiple times

Fixed SetObjectMeshFromMemblock sometimes corrupting the vertices of another object on non-Windows platforms

Added a new example project that experiments with Tone Mapping
Consolidated OpenGL and OpenGLES files so there is less duplicated code, this should result in no visible change but may have introduced bugs

3D Physics
Fixed 3D physics ragdoll commands reporting that a ragdoll does not exist when it does
Fixed the skybox commands not working on some devices

Fixed DrawSprite not using the scissor value set by SetSpriteScissor
Fixed sprites with multiple images not using the scissor value set by SetSpriteScissor

Added GetGameCenterPlayerID and GetGameCenterPlayerDisplayName commands
Fixed GameCenterSubmitAchievement causing a crash on Google Game Services if the value 0 is used with an incremental achievement, it will now do nothing

Fixed key presses not being recorded by GetRawKeyState when the ALT key is held down

Removed popup message when an image is saved to the device photos folder on iOS and Android

Added MaximizeWindow command to maximize the window on Windows and Linux
Fixed SetWindowSize command not accepting the new parameters
Added a parameter to SetWindowSize to ignore bounds checking so that over sized windows can be created

Fixed HTTPEncode entering an infinite loop
Fixed HTML5 mouse wheel being inverted
Increased network client timeout from 5 seconds to 20 seconds
Fixed Random2() producing too many instances of the start value
Fixed RunApp command on Mac and Linux not accepting multiple parameters for some commands

IPv6 Support
Added IPv6 support to all platforms except HTML5
Any network commands that accept an IP address will now accept an IPv4 or IPv6 address
The HostNetwork command will listen on both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (if available) and accept connections from both
Added GetDeviceIPv6 to return the IPv6 address of the device, it will first look for global addresses and then local ones
Existing Android Tier 2 projects will need to add the function GetIPv6 to their file, check the template project for details

Added a menu option in the IDE to view the AGK video tutorials on Youtube


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