AppGameKit Classic Version 2022.12.13 für Linux veröffentlicht

AppGameKit Classic Header
AppGameKit Classic 2022.12.13

Die neue Version 2022.12.13 von AppGameKit Classic (auch bekannt als AGK2) ist ab sofort für Linux auf Steam erhältlich.

Das Changelog zur aktuellen Version:

AppGameKit Classic 2022.12.13 update released!

Welcome to the quarterly update for AppGameKit Classic. This update focuses on a range of important bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Alt key combinations causing a system sound on Windows
Fixed InAppPurchaseSetup failing unless both a normal and subscription product are added
Fixed text shaders not receiving shader constant updates
Fixed IndexOf when used on arrays of types
Fixed text not rendering with the correct default shader
Fixed JSON parser not decoding \u characters
Fixed apps including the User Tracking description when it isn't used, causing rejections by Apple
Fixed Chartboost not setting the COPPA restrictions if SetAdMobChildRating is set
Fixed AdMob not setting MaxAdContentRating if SetAdMobChildRating is set

Merry Christmas to you all and see you soon in 2023!