The Witcher 2 Public Beta 4 für Linux veröffentlicht

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Und wieder gibt es eine neue öffentliche Beta zu The Witcher 2 für Linux auf Steam!

Änderungen lt.

14 Aug 2014 15:59 BST

Public Beta 4 - buildID 355503

This contains the following:

OpenGL worker thread now goes to sleep when it can, freeing up a cpu core for other things. This really helps speed up level loads especially.
Optimised our use of memory barriers and using coherent buffers where appropriate
Optimised handling of fences
Use ARB_texture_storage for texture uploads. Again, should improve level loading times.
Optimised our OpenGL state cache

Most of these performance optimisations are best seen on nVidia hardware at the moment. Major performance improvements are expected in the near future through the work of AMD and Intel driver developer teams.

We're aware of two potential crash on exit bugs.. one appears to be nvidia driver related. We're still chasing the other one.

Please opt-in, and tell us how things are.