Update für KOTOR 2 mit neuen Achievments für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht

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Ein weiteres Update für Knights of the Old Republic 2 ist eben auf Steam auch für Linux veröffentlich worden.
Es enthält unter anderem neue Achievments und Bugfixes.


10/15 Patch for all platforms: New Achievements and a host of bug fixes
Thanks to everyone who submitted achievements for this update! User generated content is loads of fun for us, and we hope everyone out there enjoys them.

Universal Changes:
- Added 20 user-generated achievements (see pinned thread for details)
- Fixed an issue with Pet Rock achievement not unlocking in TSLRCM
- Fixed a crash when adding more than five mods
- Fixed two issues tied to Mouse Look
- Fixed an issue with the controller menu appearing on top of dialog screens
- Fixed an issue with Kreia not disappearing properly on Korriban
- Fixed a shader issue causing NPC droid eyes to not be illuminated
- Fixed an issue with alternate dialog not appearing after multiple play-throughs
- Changed the behavior of the Light/Dark Side point achievements

Mac-specific Changes:
- Fixed a crash connected to the M4-78 mod

Windows-specific Changes:
- Fixed multiple issues with a spinning camera when certain third-party devices are connected
- Fixed multiple issues connected to DPI Scaling
- Fixed an issue with the screen being offset on high refresh-rate monitors
- Fixed an issue with sounds continuously repeating after moving away from the sound source

Linux-specific Changes:
- Change to cloud-saves, automatically lower-casing files so they can be read on Linux

If you continue to experience any of the above fixes (or any issues for that matter) and you are on a supported hardware set, please contact us at support.aspyr.com so we can dig in.

Thank you all for your support for this great game we all love!

Persönliche Anmerkung: Aspyr, wir lieben euch! :-)

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