Tower of Time: Build: mit kompletter graphischer Überarbeitung veröffentlicht

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Für Tower of Time, dem Mix aus RPG und RTS mit taktischen Kämpfen, steht nun der 1.2 GB große Build für Linux auf Steam bereit.

Das Spiel hat hierdurch unter anderem eine komplette graphische Überarbeitung erfahren, bekam ein neues Interface und viele weitere Verbesserungen:

Patch Notes Build:

Tower of Time is now different look and feel.

Finally, we are happy to release a major patch with a complete overhaul of graphics, among other things. The game is more atmospheric and realistic right now. The update is quite large: 1.2 GB

We also made several changes to UI, introduced new character stats (as critical damage and movement speed), added lots of new new SFX and added new graphics options in setting (required for our new look & feel)

Story wise - we also made significant changes to intro levels (for now) - all characters got their own biographies and we are in the process of re-writing the dialogues so it fits them. This will prepare a ground for new big thing we are working on - Party Alignment.


When you play for the first time - please adjust your graphic settings such as brightness, saturation and contrast - so the game looks good on your monitor. Our new post-processing method requires a one-time individual adjustment (for the best experience).

Patch details

New graphic look & feel
New UI for Character Screen and Inventory
New stats for characters and items
Gold treasures are now visible as separate objects
Added 1H or 2H indicator to weapons
Important items are visibly marked with light or effect
Added lots of new SFX or fixed existing ones
Fixed some enchantments
Introduction levels - updates to the story

We posted few screenshots below, showing some of the changes.

Thank you for playing Tower of Time. We appreciate your feedback and reviews.


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