SUPERHOT: Patch Update Vol.8 (1.0.11) behebt Probleme der Linux-Version

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Auf Steam steht nun das Patch Update Vol.8 (1.0.11) zu SUPERHOT bereit.

Dieses behebt endlich lange bekannte Fehler in der Linux-Version des Spiels:

Patch Update Vol.8 (1.0.11)
SUPERHOT - SzymonSuperhot

Hi there

How about that? Another day, another patch.
This time we showed a bit more love towards Linux players.
Let's see what bugs had to say night-night this time:

Fixed game crashing on Linux.
Some Linux players couldn't run the game. Now they can. Yay.

Spread the system achievement available for Linux players.
Linux achievement hunters will be finally able to max out.

Rebaked lightmaps on some levels for Linux version.

Fixed Pumpkin Spiced achievement not working for some players.

Fixed font size and typos in piOS menu

Removed minor bugs on both Linux and PC version.

That is all beautiful people. Have a good day.

Szymon form SUPERHOT Team

Ob und/oder wann das Update auch für die Version auf GOG erscheint, ist momentan leider nicht bekannt.

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