SteamWorld Heist: Patch 2.1 veröffentlicht, behebt Speicher-Bug

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Für SteamWorld Heist steht nun der Patch 2.1 zur Verfügung.

Dieser behebt kritische Bugs im Speicher-System des Spiels:

Patch Notes: SteamWorld Heist Version 2.1

We just released a new patch for SteamWorld Heist with the following improvements:

Fixed a critical save bug that could get you permanently stuck in a dialogue after loading.
Fixed a critical bug that prevented the game from saving any progress at all. It affected players with save data paths containing non-ascii characters.
Game is autosaving more frequently, e.g after selling items, buying items, and after speaking with characters.
Better save data backup support, making save files more resilient to corruption.
Added support for more gamepads.

We hope this will provide a smoother gameplay experience for all of you! Happy gaming :)

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