StarCrawlers: Patch 1.0.3 inkl. Halloween-Event erschienen

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Für StarCrawlers, dem Roguelike-RPG-Dungeon-Crawler, steht nun der Patch 1.0.3 mit Halloween-Event auf Steam für Linux bereit.

The Cursed Mun has risen once again! A mysterious figure has been spotted skulking in the shadows, promising rich rewards to those who satiate his craving for Skull Candy…

Halloween Event
It's our favorite time of year and the Cursed Mun Halloween event is live and brings with it new content! Here's what's happening :

Skull Candies can be looted on randomized missions and traded to Baron von Ominous on STIX for festive rewards.

For 10 Skull Candies, a ticket can be purchased that gives access to a repeatable Special Event mission : The Ghost Ship.

The Ghost Ship has 3 unique bosses and also drops festive loot. Be warned - the Ghost Ship will present a challenging mission for even the most battlehardened crawlers.

They're may be more holiday events in the future!

Patch Notes for v1.0.3
Updated StarCrawlers engine to Unity 2017 and made a variety of delightful bug fixes - some highlights below :


Linux StarCrawlers is working once again on distro Ubuntu LTS 14.0.

Beta Branch Active

A testing branch with the latest unstable build in now available through Steam.


Fixed a bug where Stealth applied by certain items would halt combat if a Cyberninja then applied another Stealth effect.


Fixed a bug that could cause Constructs to deal reduced or 0 damage if attacking on the same turn as deconstructing.
Fixed a bug preventing Bolty from gaining regen at Rank 3 Built Real Good when automatically deploying at the start of combat.

Force Psyker

Interacting with certain crystal formations in Mines will now only target negative syndromes.


Combat Log has gained additional details about events.
Fixed issues with optional objectives on random missions not saving their state correctly.
Fixed an issue with mobs dying in the process of summoning reinforcements and causing combat to behave strangely.
Fixed an issue when calculating Fear resistance.
Fixed an issue with certain events that could cause null items to appear in inventory and appear to take up extra slots.
Fixed a bug that could cause Loose Crystals to drop an incorrect item.
Minor text fixes.

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