Revhead: Version 1.3 mit überarbeitetem Simulationsmodell veröffentlicht

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Das Update 1.3 zur bereits ursprünglich im Jahre 2017 veröffentlichten Renn-Simulation Revhead wurde jetzt auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Es enthält unter anderem ein komplett überarbeitetes Simulationsmodell, und auch viele weitere Anregungen aus der Community wurden umgesetzt:

Update 22 - Version 1.3 is HERE!

Dear Revheads,

After months of works, finally Update 22 is here with version 1.3!

After 2 years, that Revhead has been released on Steam, we had still several significants problems, which was reported by our players. First of all our simulation was questioned several times and while some part was good, others made it feels arcade. Game economy and game balance was also mentioned many times, too hard to start the game, using wrecks to farm some money was easy once you figure it out and once you get further, the game get’s too easy. You can win with having a stronger car then an AI or simply relax because our AI will "make sure" you will win.
Newspaper was also on the list as too easy to find the “known” treasures kill the fun of treasure hunting. Not anymore!

What better time to honour to our players for all those great feedbacks and support with a release specifically designed based on their feedbacks and comments on The Memorial Day!

The Biggest Update

Since 2 years, we have read all reviews, emails, notes and all comments on Steam and on our discord community site and putting our own roadmap aside, we had focused to gather and fix all major issues, the game still has.
Update 22 is the biggest update we have ever done since the game has been released. It improves the game in many ways, from performance, simulations, car handling, AI to game balance, while we were trying to keep something from our own roadmap as well. We are still going to the same road, but we never forget our players and their comments.


Simulation was the major part of this update. We have not only fixed several bugs, but improved the physics simulation for almost all parts, rebalanced our cars and improved our simulation with tire, surface and environment temperature, fixed our drivetrain and many many more, which all makes Revhead now a simulation game.

If you like drifting, power slides, hand brake turns or just having fun with some donuts or burnout, this is your version!


A new feature is also introduced in the game: Projects. These are smaller or bigger missions, where someone will ask you to do something. From finding a family car to building a race car to reach 500km/h top speed, kind of anything could be. As part of this new project system, we have added the first batch with around 10 racing projects.
Tutorial and the “First Car Project”, both has been “transformed” into our new project system, which now allows to get real help and provide the basic education for getting started. If you get stuck just ask Charlie for some help or check the task list.
If you have the game already - probably you read it because you do-, try a new profile from start to learn the basics and make sure you don’t miss some important details. Once you finished with these two projects, you can go back to your old profile.

Project system was inspired by our Discord Community, especially with the latest "Budgetcar Contest", managed by our players. It's one good example, how your ideas can get into the game. So don't forget, we are making it for You, your comments and ideas does count!

Enough! There were so many more, if we write it here you would never even start to read it.
So here is the list of what have we done (as a tiny summery :P )

Date: 30-05-2019

Simulation rework: from arcade to simulation. Better car handling, more realistic driving, drifting, power sliding or just enjoy some fun with few donuts and burnouts.
Improved AI and due to the new simulation, it won’t be enough just to have a stronger car, you still need to be able to bring it in first!
Fixed weight distribution and added more dynamics for several major parts
Added tire temperature, engine temperature, surface and environment temperature, DON’T forget to heat up your tires - and car. Use the first lap to get the tires, engine, brakes, etc. into optimal temperature to get better grip and performance. (drag now starts with optimal preheated tires, races only warm it up a bit, still need a bit of caution at first few corners, while practice and street driving does not have auto warmup, so be careful on throttle until they are warm enough!)
Engine rework, rpm, temperature, dynamics
Several (SE, racing) ignition system has rpm limiter, most stock ignition does not have any. Without rpm limiter you can heat up and blow your engine much easier!
Suspension rework, better, faster, more realistic. Camber, caster and many more improvements
Introducing Projects, where you can make some real money with some special work. In this first batch, we have included around 10 racing projects, where you need to select a car, then build it accordingly to the request and win on some race. Some of them are educational and helping you to learn and move forward. Later we will add more types, such as builder and dealer projects.
Tutorial and First Car Projects is educational, with a lot more help
Game Economy, more random in newspaper to avoid too easy treasure hunting and farming
Game balance, you can make now good money with choosing only the racing path, the game won’t force you to race with brand limited races, so you don’t have to change your car if you don’t want to. While the first car is a properly setup for an instant race, you can pick any car you want to unlock all tracks.
Full interior for Wanja (we won’t stop until all car has full interior)
Walea V6 stock comes with a new SE Tachometer and Speedo for higher speed and rpm limits
Added many clocks (for each brand) as instruments to be able to see times, you can now install clock into your dashboards
Petrol station has a new billboard with time and price of petrols. Prices could be different in each station, but the petrol is still the same. (soon we will add more types of fuel, this was the pre-work part)
Improved performance, if you having low FPS issues, try lowering your resolution first, then lower your visual options! Check your video settings in the game options menu!
Localization updated, most major languages are 100% translated, the rest will follows…THANKS for everyone who helped!
Added credits for translations, thanks again!
Included Winner's Cars from our “Budget Contest” on discords Thanks guys for the fun! This was one of the major inspiration of our new project system.
Fixed Exhaust job bug
Fix several 3D clipping issues, “holes” in car chassis, etc.
Newspaper has more random, tutorial or project related parts are marked to find them easier
1000+ changes, fixes, tweaks, rebalance

Don't forget to reset your controller setup! Changes will effect your setup!


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