Revhead: Update 33 veröffentlicht

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Revhead Update 33 Header

Das Update 33 zur Renn-Simulation Revhead wurde jetzt für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Update 33 Treasure Hunting

Date: 28-05-2021
Version: 1.4.7985

Dear Revheads!

We wanted to provide something special to you with a new update aligned to the currently running Open World Sale!

Therefor we picked one feature that many of you were asking for: Treasure Hunting!

We have placed dozens of hidden boxes, wrecks all around each map, which holds some real treasures for those who can find them. Just locate them and stop your car close to them to see what those wrecks or boxes holds for you. Some are easy some are hard to locate, so keep your eyes open!

Added hidden wrecks and boxes for Treasure Hunting
Added default settings for Steering Wheels (check the options menu)
terrain anomalies on Redland, Yanagin and Boodja
Fixed localization typos
Fixed Walea fuel multigauge layout
Fixed Jingu taillight preview
Fixed several smaller bugs