Revhead: Update 31 veröffentlicht

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Das Update 31 zur Renn-Simulation Revhead wurde jetzt für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Update 31

Date: 13-02-2021
Version: 1.4.7664

Dear Revheads!

It's new year and we have something new to show!

Many of you love to work on cars, but you are pretty much limited inside the garage. We want to move some of these jobs outside of the garage too, into the streets, pitstops and more.
Outback could be a dangerous place and nothing is worst than broke down there with your car. What you would need is quick car recovering or towing service. So, here we go...

Jingu as a Tow Truck
We have added tow truck into our game. As first step on this road, we've made an installable tow equipment for T-Beds, which can transform your truck into a tow truck. The towing device equipped with a crank to pull cars closer to your towing truck and with a draw bar to make it easier to tow into a garage. All you have to do is stand front or rear of the broke down car and attach the hook. If the car is on it's side or on it's roof, stand at the sides of that car to roll it back to it's wheels first.
You can find broken cars around Noordu and sometimes Charlie will ask you to help him out with finding and towing in some broken cars. There is a short time you need to wait between two of these missions, so if you only want to go for towing missions, use the motel to sleep one after finished one.
All you need to do is to find and tow the car into the garage or detach at the front of Charlie's garage and get yourself in the garage to talk with Charlie.

Multi gauges
When it comes to instruments, there is a huge limitation regarding the dashboard. Some dashboard can accommodate only a few instruments, while others can much more. We have more and more instruments coming and this is getting a limitation, which we want to ease, so we have added multi-gauges. These devices integrate multiple instruments into one, so you won't eat up that much space on the dashboard.

List of changes:

Added Jingu tow equipments (newspaper only)
Added some new and old Jingu Tow Truck to newspaper
Added tow car missions (start from garage or from the Outback)
Added multigauges, integrate multiple instruments in one for more space on dashboard (tachometer + boost, speedo meter + fuel & water temp, fuel + water temp)
Added tire gauges, single and integrated with tachometer
Fix size of Walea gauges to accomodate other brand's instruments as well
Fix some issues on Wanja dashboards
Fix audio issues when entering to Motel with high rpm
Fix wrong side smoking in double exhausts
Fix Kangaroo's colliders which let them go outside or stuck at the fence
Fix tutorial to avoid get stuck when player doesn't follow the normal order of tasks
Fix many smaller mostly stability problems, reported by players
Added cars to newspaper, made by community member Maresz (more to come)
updated localization