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Das Update 29 zur Renn-Simulation Revhead wurde jetzt für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Date: 25-09-2020
Version: 1.4.7167

Dear Revheads!

In the next few months, we are going to roll out several performance and graphics updates. As the first results of this progress, we have gained 2x-3x faster game! (Previously some our test rig was able to reach only 50-55 fps, now it's running on 160fps without any issues.)
Also as part of this progress, we have changed many of our materials on the cars. Rust, dirt, paintworks are replaced with a better and much faster one. In the previous releases, when your parking was full, or when you started a race, you have to wait long seconds to get each car loaded. Now it is almost instant!
Also, as the first few small steps, we have replaced our main avatars (Charlie, Player male and female) for better looking models. (more to come..)
If you still have any issue with performance, try VSync on/off, or lower you resolution first. The game should run fine in full HD, but if your rig is weak, start with going for a lower resolution first, then use less drawing distance and quality settings.

New body parts
We are introducing beds for UTEs. First, we have made 2 new beds and made it possible to remove the old one, so you have 4 options now: no bed, standard bed, T-Bed and Flat Bad.

Driving avatars
Finally, our NPC and drivers sit inside the cars and driving! A feature, that we all waited long time to have it! It makes the game more fun and more realistic as well.

As always, we were looking at problems, bugs, balance problmes and fixed most of the issues you have reported in the last 2 months. Keep this habits, and send us your problems - we will fix it!

Restoration & Wrecks
One of the annoying unbalanced part was the restoration and wrecks. We worked again on this part to make it worth to fix a car. If you just fix it, but left some used parts, it will pay back your money, but don't expect much profit. However, if you fix the car properly and you wont left any used or worst parts in the car, you can gain significant profit!
Also, many of you reported that wrecks does not worth to buy, because they are most cases totally wasted money. you cannot fix the engine and hardly can salvage any working parts. Not anymore! It is still random, but we are degrading significantly less parts and the chance that you get some real values are much higher. It is worth to try, even if you might get a few which is a total lost! (Even when it looks like nothing worth on it, if you restore it, you will gain profit!)

Custom boxes
Another feature were requested by our players: custom boxes!
Now you can create and name a box for your own and keep your treasures in it.
Automatically created boxes will be removed after they are empty, the custom boxes will stay as long you delete them.

List of changes:

Performance update, the game can run ~3x faster than before
Enabled metal on Mac
Faster and smoother physics, better drivability
Introducing new beds for Jingu and Narnoo UTE
Driving avatars
New avatar models (Charlie, male and female player)
New materials, much faster to load and looks better too
New tail lights for Jingu / Narnoo ute, which can be attached on the frame (so you can have lights when you don't have a bed)
Tweaked AI, much better starting which makes them a drag killer! Watch out for some revheads on gutta drag! It's not that easy to win against them anymore!
Introducing custom boxes, you can create and name one for yourself
Introducing FoV in cockpit camera
Introducing FPS target, which can be set in the visual options up to 180 FPS
Add sound to rim when no tire
New defaults for gamepads/joysticks (Try it out, steering sensitivity:6, understeering:4, deadzone:14) for smoother driving
Tweaked some of the parts degradation, which was to fast. (battery, lights, horn, sparks, fuesbox)
Fixed restoration. If you finish it, you get a real profit, no matter if you started with a high millage used or a wrecked car.
Wrecks has values again! It might required a small fortune to fix a wreck, but you can and it will worth! Also, we have tweaked the amount of random damage, to keep those engines and cars alive. (it is still random!)
Fix condition text, which were sometimes misleading and stated broken, but it was still repairable (used or bad, but not broken).
Fix engine halt issues when using H-Shifter
Fixed some tire pressure bug in garage, which caused to lost tire pressure setup if the front and rear was not the same.
Fixed some newspaper items, car configs
Localization fixes
and somehow we've also made up some time to sleep and eat... :P


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