Oversteer 0.6.0 veröffentlicht

Oversteer GUI

Der Manager für Lenkräder unter Linux namens "Oversteer" ist in der Version 0.6.0 veröffentlicht worden:



New profile manager.
New feature to run as game/app companion. The game/app launcher needs changes to run Oversteer instead and launch the game. More info in the README.
New force feedback wheel testing.
Added more steering wheels: Thrustmaster T300RS, FANATEC CSL Elite, FANATEC ClubSport V2/2.5 and FANATEC Podium DD1. They need drivers that are still under development. See README.
Added more Logitech wheels: Logitech Wingman FG and Wingman FFG.
Max wheel range changes to match the wheel's max range.
The feature to change the wheel range from the wheel now can be toggled by simultaneously pressing several buttons to avoid rendering one wheel button useless.
Improved compatibility when loading/saving profiles.
New feature to center the wheel on command.
Changes to the UI to make it more compact and a more logic layout for some widgets.
Fixed issues in the detection of some devices and their features.
Fixed issues launching Oversteer from Steam.
Fixed issues with modal dialogs positioning.
Fixed several errors related to handling the settings.
Fixed reading of pedals in the Logitech Momo wheel.