Lutris veröffentlicht

Lutris Client Screen

Eine weiteres kleines Update ( zu Lutris wurde veröffentlicht:

lutris ( groovy; urgency=medium

* Fix popover menus not appearing on Wayland
* Fix game bar getting unselected on Wayland (Forces the last game to stay
* Update Chinese, Dutch, German and Russian translations
* Download DXVK when Lutris starts
* Add fsync2 feature detection
* Limit simultaneous downloads to 3
* Add support for deb file extraction
* Add support for Adobe Air games from Humble Bundle (Installation only,
Air runtime will come at a later stage)
* Add support for GStreamer enabled Wine builds. This will provide better
compatibility for games using Media Foundation

-- Mathieu Comandon Mon, 04 Jan 2021 23:54:29 -0800