Ludusavi: v0.19.0 veröffentlicht

Ludusavi Screenshot

Ludusavi, das Tool um Backups von Speicherständen von Spielen anzufertigen, ist in der Version v0.19.0 veröffentlicht worden.

v0.19.0 (2023-06-02) Latest


On the restore screen, there is a "validate" button to check whether your backups are missing any files declared in their mapping.yaml. This is intended to help rectify a bug identified below.

Automatic detection of non-Flatpak Lutris roots (~/.config/lutris).

Updated translations. (Thanks to contributors on the Crowdin project)

A partial translation for Thai has been added, but it only has experimental support because of a technical limitation. You can enable it by editing the config file directly with language code th-TH,


If you had configured a backup-only or bidirectional redirect and you were using simple backups, then the first backup for a game would complete successfully, but a subsequent backup would fail because Ludusavi would mark the redirect target as a removed file.

If you had configured a backup-only or bidirectional redirect and you were using zip-based backups, then the redirected files would not be included in the backup.

You can check if this affects you by going to the restore screen and clicking the "validate" button. If it finds any issues, it will prompt you to make new full backups for the games in question.

Compatibility with Heroic 2.7.0+, which now uses store_cache/gog_library.json instead of gog_store/library.json.

For Lutris, the game_slug field is no longer required, since Ludusavi only uses it for logging when available.

The Spanish and Russian translations were set incorrectly in the config file. If you selected Spanish, it would display normally, but the config file would be set to Russian. If you selected Russian and restarted the app, it would display in Japanese.