Linux GOG Downloader 2.20 für Debian Wheezy verfügbar

Fast hätten wir es vergessen:

LGOGDownloader, der GOG-Downloader für Linux, ist nun in Version 2.20 für Debian Wheezy aus dem Repository verfügbar.


LGOGDownloader 2.20
- Added priority handling of platforms and languages (patch by: Gael Le Mignot)
- Made config and cookie files only readable/writable by the owner
- Fixed using --update-cache with --use-cache
- Fixed regex alias "all" for cached details
- Made the downloader continue on API error instead of breaking off in Downloader::getGameDetails
- Made progress bar adapt to terminal width
* Progress bar gets smaller if there isn't enough space to display the full progress bar
* Progress bar isn't drawn if the terminal window is too small


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