Everspace: Patch 1.3.3 (+Hotfix) für Linux veröffentlicht

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Der Patch 1.3.3 (+Hotfix) zu dem Weltraum-Roguelike Everspace wurde heute endlich auch für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht!

Patch 1.3.3 (+Hotfix) - Changelog
We've just released a new patch with some smaller tweaks and a number of bugfixes. We've also added a special "retro graphics" graphics mode that you can unlock as a reward for finishing a hardcore mode run! Have fun!

Please note that there's a delay for the Linux version, we'll hopefully be able to release the patch on Linux later this year (Edit: It's available now)

Edit: (22 Nov) We've just added a hotfix to the patch, fixing a few issues that were reported shortly after release. Please see the changes below.

Patch 1.3.3

New Features
Added special "retro graphics" option that is unlocked after finishing a hardcore mode run

Encounters: Nerfed Engine Booster MK2 and MK3 efficiency
Increased camera range in action freeze
VR / TrackIR: Unified Crosshair behavior in gamepad and keyboard mode. "Centered Crosshair" option works again in all cases.

Fixed Splitter glyph additional projectiles not homing in on targets anymore
Fixed blueprint drop probability for higher tiers being too low if no more tier one blueprints are available
Potential fix for Okkar Corvettes and Outlaw Drone Carriers occasionally bouncing away when destroyed
Fixed a bug where it was possible to accidentally overwrite normal mode perks with hardcore mode perks
Fixed Grey Goo damaging player from greater distance if player has a tractor beam installed
Fixed hardcore mode "Anti Consumerism" handicap carrying over from sector 6 to sector 7
Fixed that the "Unarmed" challenge could be exploited by using Headstart enhancement
Fixed that the gamepad icons for aiming weren't displayed in the tutorial
Fixed using cloak while in cockpit view hiding clouds, plasma fields and holograms.
Fixed destroying an Ancient Splitter or Ancient Warden not counting as a player kill
Fixed destroying objects like flood lights counting as kill for Berserker glyph,
Fixed Colonial Station turrets occasionally being able to shoot through walls
Fixed Beeline subroutine also affecting NPCs targeting NPCs
Removed obsolete and non-working "Select Control Scheme" which somehow was there and is only relevant for consoles, as controls can be freely configured on PC/Mac/Linux
VR: Fixed that the "Back to Hangar" button on the Game Over Screen could not be clicked


Fixed Korean language font being broken
VR: Fixed rendering issues on some AMD graphics cards that got introduced with the last Unreal Engine update
Fixed navigation with WASD or custom keys being broken in some screens
Fixed German umlauts sometimes not being uppercase even though they were supposed to