Darkest Dungeon: neuer DLC Shieldbreaker und Build #21049 veröffentlicht

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Zu dem Roguelike-RPG Darkest Dungeon ist ein neuer (Bezahl-)DLC erschienen: Shieldbreaker.

Dieser fügt dem Spiel eine neue Heldenklasse, den namensgebenden Shieldbreaker, hinzu:

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Note: The DLC is currently only available in English but we are working on the translations! The rest of our supported languages (Simplified Chinese, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Polish, and Brazilian PR) will be available in a few days (expected on Oct 31). We apologize for the inconvenience and are working as fast as we can on this.

“And all around is the desert; a corner of the mournful kingdom of sand.”
-Pierre Loti

Hailing from the distant windswept dunes of the east, the Shieldbreaker arrives in the Hamlet! Deadly as a viper, her iron will has been forged in the heat of the blazing desert sun. Though outwardly demure, her emancipation from the barren wastes came at a price so terrible, it haunts her dreams even now...


New hero class: the Shieldbreaker
Dynamic, tactical skill set for the Shieldbreaker featuring all new combat mechanics including: Armor Piercing, Guard Break, and Stealth
Shieldbreaker class-specific trinkets, including a set.
3 New Monsters - frightful illusions from the Shieldbreaker's origin, now slithering forward to infest the Estate
New Consumable Item - Aegis Scale, providing a last bastion of protection for when a hero truly needs it.

The Shieldbreaker is a powerful ally in the fight to reclaim the Estate and banish the evil that squats in the Darkest Dungeon. A highly-tactical hero with solid damage dealing capability, she truly excels when countering monsters with high protection and those who guard their allies. Her movement, speed, and targeted abilities make her a valuable ally for dismantling intractable monster groups. Though relatively low health, the Shieldbreaker is yet highly survivable in short bursts thanks to her Aegis shield.

Der DLC ist aktuell nur in Englisch erhältlich, weitere Sprachen werden folgen.

Darüber hinaus wurde der Build #21049 von Darkest Dungeon auf Steam veröffentlicht:

Darkest Dungeon

New Feature: Curio Tracker
As you interact with curios in the game, you will see icons on the items in your inventory that will help you remember which ones yielded positive or negative results! This feature will allow you to build up your own knowledge base of curio hints through experience!
You can turn this function off in the Gameplay Options. (Default is set to ON)
New Combat Mechanic: Stealth. Stealthed monsters cannot be targeted by direct attacks unless that attack has the Bypass Stealth quality. Stealth generally lasts for the first 2 rounds of combat. Stealthed monsters can be hit with indirect attacks such as AOE.
These Monsters have been given Stealth beginning at Veteran level:
Brigand Fusilier
Brigand Hunter
Pelagic Shaman
Bone Soldier
Swine Slasher
These Skills have been given Bypass Stealth and De-Stealth. In other words, the attacks can hit stealthed monsters AND pull those monsters out of stealth.
Highwayman: Tracking Shot
Arbalest/Musketeer: Rallying Flare
This skill now targets one enemy to remove stealth, while still granting its original party buffs.
Antiquarian: Flash Powder
Occultist: Vulnerability Hex
Leper: Intimidate
Added a Mute when Game Window is not focused option
Fix to crashing when backing out of difficulty option when creating a new game.
Controller Support Fixes
Improved menu controller support to save location of option category you were last on.
Fix to selecting dlc / mods on lower profiles with controller.
Fix confirm dlc button use with controller on lower profiles.
Fix to Siren controlling a hero when dying by dot bug.
Fix to Final Boss not transforming brain bug.
Rebalanced Brigand Pounder PROT and HP mix because of The Shieldbreaker, while retaining overall difficulty vs all other existing heroes.
Fix to saving of hero turns at the start of non first round.
Fix to blocking camping eating when you have no food consumption.
Fix double heal during hunger event.
Fix torch tooltip title string.
Fix to slot reorder bug in quest select.
Fix to rare corrupted save bug
Fixed invalid dungeon crash when loading quests.
Only living monsters can capture heroes, applies to riposte kills on hag, fanatic against capture skills. (i.e. Riposte killing the Fanatic as he attempts to capture caused the hero to be added to the pyre without the fight ending/lifelinking the pyre correctly)
Fix to permissive never again virtue chance debuff never being applied in the darkest dungeon.
Fixed tooltip bug where LOW DMG was being shown without %

The Crimson Court

Deaths from traps in the Courtyard now properly show up in the graveyard.

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