Beyond a Steel Sky: großer Patch #7 veröffentlicht, vorbereitet für das Steam Deck

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Der große Patch #7 für das Adventure Beyond a Steel Sky wurde für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Update #7: New Features: Holo-Brooches, Steam Deck, and Polish

- I hear you cry - "But that's January's basement!"

And right you are! However our love to you all knows no bounds, no limit, and so we crawled out of the winter holidays, past the seasonal sludge that is Late Winter, and did our gosh darn best!

I'm not reading all that just tell me what's up

✨ New Features:

?️ Holo-Brooches
?️ Steam Deck
? Polish Subtitles

And of course tons of improvements:

? Gameplay
?‍♀️ NPCs
? Shaders & Renderers
?‍♀️ Tiny Tweaks here and there

Das vollständige Changelog findet sich hier.