Beyond a Steel Sky: großer Patch #5 mit Entwickler-Kommentaren veröffentlicht

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Der große Patch #5 für das Adventure Beyond a Steel Sky wurde für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Dieser fügt dem Spiel unter anderem Kommentare der Entwickler hinzu:

Beyond A Steel Sky is almost half a year old and that calls for celebration!
Throughout this time, we have hugely valued our relationship with our community, our players, and your enthusiasm to hear of our development plans.

So a full blown in-depth behind the scenes developer commentary update from the entire team seemed like the perfect fit!

We offer you an insight into our thoughts, our intentions, and our little hidden jokes and references:

👒 Why the beanie?
🏃 What's the benefit of in-house motion capture?
🥓 How do we get Dave Gibbons to talk more about bacon butties?

All those questions, and more, are addressed by Charles Cecil, Dave Gibbons, the scripting team, the animation team, our artists, and many more of the talented people we had the honour to work with!


Charles Cecil:
As Creative Director, Charles used his experience of over thirty years to manage the project as a whole, covering every aspect of the games development from big-picture story writing and complex puzzle designs, to the shape and size of the Mini-Knackwurst sausage.

Kevin Beimers:
Kevin was involved in Beyond a Steel Sky since before the first line of code was written; alongside a quirky disposition, Kevin brought decades of writing and design experience to the team, giving life to the characters of Union City with outlandish jokes and unique personalities.

After starting his career at Revolution, Ross returned after years of AAA development experience to lead the overall game and level design on Beyond A Steel Sky - this included heavy involvement in the narrative and puzzles throughout the game. You can thank Ross for ensuring no puzzle came close to the trauma of Broken Sword 1’s Goat.

As Lead Scripter, Nina was responsible for the implementation of Beyond a Steel Sky - a huge undertaking for the studio’s first project in the Unreal Engine; when she wasn’t writing heaps of killer code, she’d be playing her part in the narrative and puzzle design of the game.

Luke was one of the level designers and overall fix-it gurus on Beyond A Steel Sky, leading the charge on the Desert, Reflections, and Land Train Office sections. His greatest battle, however, came in the form of a giant magnetic crane and its sidekick - 4YR.

Em was one of the leading animators on the game. Specializing in motion capture and facial animation, Em was able to bring life to the ridiculous character dialogue through expressive gestures - it’s all in the eyebrows.

Dave Gibbons:
The man who needs no introduction, Dave Gibbons brings a lifetime of pop culture illustration experience to the Art design - from the characters and costumes of our post-modern citizens, to the shine-polished architecture of Joey’s new regime. His proudest addition, however, is the conception of the Mini-K sausage, inspired by a bacon sandwich he once tasted in the 90’s.

The unsung hero of Beyond a Steel Sky, Noirin keeps the studio aloft as COO of Revolution Games. Using decades of experience with major corporations and publishers, Noirin juggles both the internal and external elements of production.

Working with Pitstop Studios, Alistair composed the soundtrack for Beyond A Steel Sky, combining traditional orchestral elements with more contemporary sounds, and in doing so sought to achieve a tone that brought nostalgia to our traditional audience whilst inspiring new-comers to the sci-fi adventure genre.

As well as his responsibilities for the design and implementation of Beyond a Steel Sky, Matthew managed the games’ dialogue, from writing branching dialogue trees and edgy one-liners, to the casting and voice recording of the English release. Between these roles, Matthew just about had enough time to check his hair.