Beyond a Steel Sky: großer Patch #3 mit Achievements und deutschen Sprechern veröffentlicht

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Der große Patch #3 für das Adventure Beyond a Steel Sky wurde für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Dieser bringt Achievements, deutsche und französische Sprecher, Bugfixes und vieles mehr.

Das vollständige Changelog enthält auch Spoiler.

PATCH #3: Our biggest content update yet!
[Version 1.2.27386]

We're proud to make Patch #3 Beyond A Steel Sky's biggest content update yet!
French Voiceover
German Voiceover
20% OFF: Return of the Launch Sale!

The Aspiration Day Bundle Releases with brand new goodies:
-10% Discount
a "Complete The Set" Option
Original Soundtrack of Beyond A Steel Sky
FREE Comics!!!

And of course as always
Bug Fixes & Improvements


Rudeness? Spying?? Stealing?! - Yup, there is an achievement for all those and more!
We heard your cries! 32 Achievements are now activated and encourage you all to play the game in ways you might not have considered before..

Already played the game?
In order for Achievements to show up as earned, you have to play the game and actively unlock them.

Ah.. Paris in the fall.. WAIT, WRONG GAME!
Ah.. Union City in the fall.. Better.
You can now treat yourself to an artisanal café crème as you enjoy a freshly baked baguette in the Bistro, or slap on some lederhosen and Schuhplattler down to the October festivities where we serve up some Brezel & Lager!

No that's all nonsense, but you get to now play the game with native French and native German voiceovers!
We went above and beyond casting voices that we felt really fit Foster, Joey, and the rest of our wonderful characters, and we can't wait for you to experience them

Revolution is humbled by the passion of its German-speaking community. Whilst other companies were using text translators to localise into German, Revolution has always sought out talented German translators, and insisted on high quality voice recording. This time around, the COVID pandemic delayed German voice recording - which meant that Beyond a Steel Sky was released with German subtitles but no German speech. We are delighted to now be able to remedy this with the release of an update which now includes full German speech.
- Charles Cecil

Want to hear more? Join us for today's stream at 6PM (British Time) over on YouTube Live where Charles sits down with his old friend Jochen. Lots of Broken Sword talk, it'll be sweet :)

Bonne chance, habt Spaß!

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