Sudden Strike 4: Patch 1.11 ("Soviet Update") released

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For the realtime-tactic-game Sudden Strike 4 the Patch 1.11 called "Soviet Update" has been released.

This new update adds a new commander, new heavy tanks and two additional multiplayer maps:

The “Soviet Update” (version 1.11) has been released - introducing a new commander, new tanks and new maps!

This new update for Sudden Strike 4 introduces a new commander, new heavy tanks and two additional multiplayer maps!

New Features

New Armoured Doctrine

Sermyon Timoshenko is now available for all players!
Utilizing unique soviet tank hunter units and a specialized skill set, this doctrine opens new tactical opportunities to defeat even your deadliest enemies.

New tanks

Destroy your enemies with the new ISU-122 and SU-100 tank destroyers
Obliterate any opposition with the soviet IS-3 heavy tank
German Army now has the fearsome Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. B Tiger II, the renowned “King Tiger”, at their disposal
Allied Forces will receive the late-war T26E4 “Super Pershing” with its powerful 90mm gun

New maps

Fortify defensive positions and launch counter offensives in the new Canyon and Twin Towns multiplayer maps

Also the game is currently on sale on GOG and Steam.

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