Linux GOG Downloader 2.18 for Debian Wheezy released

LGOGDownloader, the GOG-Downloader for Linux, is now available in Version 2.18 for Debian Wheezy from the Repository.


LGOGDownloader 2.18

- Added better login check
* Allows user to login with username instead of email
* Prints some info on failed login with debug build
- Fixed login issues caused by case sensitivity
- Added PREFIX and MANPREFIX to Makefile
- Allowed unrecognized options in config file
- Added --no-cover option back
- Listing games with --list now only displays games that support the platforms specified with --platform
- Made Downloader::HTTP_Login print some more info
- File hashing changes to Util::createXML
* File hash is updated in the same loop that chunk hashes are calculated (gives the user better indication of the hashing progress)
- Avoid touching $HOME when displaying help or version (patch by: Stephen Kitt)
* This fixes main() to handle --help and --version before doing anything to the filesystem
- Fixed spelling mistake in message displayed when downloading files (patch by: Neil Ramsbottom)
- Changed --report option to allow setting the filename of report
- Old files are now renamed instead of deleted during --repair --download
- Renamed old files now contain date in filename (filename.ext.YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS.old where T is the date-time separator)
- Added support for setting subdirectories
* Allows user to specify subdirectories for games, installers, extras, patches, language packs and dlc
* You can use templates "%gamename%", "%platform%" and "%dlcname%" which are replaced by the relevant info
* New options: --subdir-installers, --subdir-extras, --subdir-patches, --subdir-language-packs, --subdir-dlc, --subdir-game


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