The Curious Expedition: Update v1.3.0.1 with Mod-Support and Achievements released

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The fantastic Rogue-like Strategy-game The Curious Expedition receives with the current update v1.3.0.1 for Linux many improvements but also Mod-support and Achievements!

Modding and Achievements are here!
The Curious Expedition - ByteRiot

We've been looking forward to this moment for a looong time! We're happy to finally share our big modding and achievements update with you! :)

We have a new modding menu where you can select any amount of mods you want to run in your game
Steam Workshop support. You can subscribe to mods on steam and they will get automatically downloaded into your game. You can also upload new mods directly from the game and see the current mod ratings. Steam is not required for mods though
No coding required! We have a simple text format which allows to add any new content. These are the same tools that we used during development. Add items, characters, enemies, dice, statuses, events, worlds and much more. We went through all our scripts and made sure that they have nice entry points for being moddable.
We made all of our text and image content open source. You can see it at and use it as inspiration for your own mods or games
Access lots of ingame debugging tools which allow you to spawn any entity or run any event on the fly. We actually improved the dev tools so much beyond of what we used during development that we are bit jealous of you now (it's fine though)
We're shipping the game with multiple example mods (including the t-rex, scientific assistant and yakul mods)
We've prepared extensive wiki documentation and tutorials for you to check out at If you have more questions also please join our discord server and chat with us and other modders directly
We created a free extension for the free Visual Studio Code text editor. Go to to download the editor and enter TCE Script in the extension settings to download our plugin. It will give you proper syntax highlighting and search functionality making working with the script files much more convenient.
This is just the start of our modding tools. We're looking forward to your feedback and will add more functionality to support your ideas.

We added over 60 new cool achievements to the game (some of them are secret)
There is a new section in the hall of fame allowing you to see all the achievements and your progress
These achievements are synched to steam achievements, which you can show off on your steam profile. Steam is not required for achievements though
Almost all our achievements track their progress separately for each difficulty level, so once you've mastered easy or medium difficulty, you can try your luck again on a harder difficulty
For now achievements are disabled when mods are enabled

Main Menu
New background graphics
Added a news section allowing you to read about development news from within the game

Nicer UI elements (checkboxes and exit buttons)

Added animated campfire to several event screens

Added new secret explorers

Added new sound effects for some aftermath events

English text will be shown as fallback if no localized string is available

Lone survivor perk fills up full sanity bar when triggered
Made climbing gear slightly stronger and climber perk slightly weaker
Increased ship water refill to 20 units
Angry native zones can never become unaggroed now (unless they are sleeping)
Restricted most quests to appear before final expedition
Missionary quest is now automatically resolved when entering the village
Remove local curses when stepping through portals
Corruption sprawls will no longer kill enemies
Tesla gun now benefits from gun expert perk
No random fires can happen when packing a camp up anymore. (Pyromaniacs still can lay a fire though)

Fixed multiple bugs potentially causing being stuck in tutorial
Fixed flood curse following you beyond expedition end
Fixed ship getting destroyed
Fixed rare crash when having a empty slot in inventory
Konrad quest can now be completed even after leaving the village when first encountering him.
Freeing slots in the hot air balloon should now work more intuitively
Fixed exploit that allowed to return more items than normally allowed with the hot air balloon
Fixed issues with path finding in dog sledge
Improved camera behavior when panning to locations
Removed ability to dismiss character while a pending diary event is already waiting
Mount button is now greyed out when already mounted
Fixed mounted status not stored in savegames
Fixed issues with native visit event
Fixed event flow after fighting with giant spiders
Fixed shaman perk not working on all mushrooms
Fixed combat cursor picks new enemy when old target died
Fixed family amulet event line
Fixed wrong button help text on scale 3 setting
Fixed unlocalized texts in game over screen
Fixed being able to stop village spawn via mini puppets
Fixed failed idol quest was not handled correctly
Fixed vulture night event showing up even though player had no ammo
Fixed musician quest not always resolving properly
Fixed special friend event flow
Fixed Olivia not having a crystall ball at game start
Fixed same piece of meat being cooked by multiple cooks at the same time
Always show diary alert first before interrupting player action during travel
Fixed enemies killed by a debuff now don't supply dice in the next round anymore
Fixed window size issues
Fixed unusable items having infoboxes explaining how to use them
Fixed large inventories overlapping Flee or Roll button during combat
Fixed double epilogue caused by obsidian mirror
Fixed mini maps sometimes going blank or regenerating or crashing the game
Fixed some places being unreachable after world generation
Fixed parts of golden pyramids being missing sometimes
Fixed crash bug caused by (de)buffed characters entering combat
Fixed crash bug in tutorial caused by no place to spawn the ship being found
Fixed charismatic perk only working once
Fixed weird duplicated actions in queen conflict event
Fixed problem where two events could trigger at once

Source: Announcement on Steam

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