Darkest Dungeon: Patch 25606 fixes startup-problems on Linux, but Butcher's Circus still doesn't work

Darkest Dungeon Header

The Patch 25606 for the Dungeon-Crawler Darkest Dungeon has been released for Linux on Steam. It fixes the long standing startup-problems on Linux, but the multiplayer-DLC The Butchers Circus still doesn't work.

Two Point Hospital: "Room Template"-Update released

Two Point Hospital Header
Two Point Hospital "Room Template"-Update Header

For the Hospital-Management-game Two Point Hospital the so called "Room Template"-update has been released.

Now rooms can be saved as templates and then used in other hospitals.

Hello everyone!

We're super excited to announce that Room Templates are OUT NOW on Steam! Build it, save it, add it to any of your hospitals. Missed the original announcement? No worries!