Victor Vran: huge pre-DLC update released

Victor Vran Header

Today saw the release of a huge update (2.9 GB) to the Action-RPG Victor Vran as preparation to the release of the two upcoming DLCs: Motörhead Through the Ages and Fractured Wrods.

Also an announcement was made, that Doug Cockle will be back in his role as voice of Victor Vran, both in the upcoming Overkill Edition (release: 06. June 2017) but also in the new DLCs.

The list of changes and improvements for the update is long - very long:

StarCrawlers: now officially available on Steam and GOG for Linux

StarCrawlers Header
StarCrawlers Header

StarCrawlers, the procedural generated SciFi-Dungeon Crawler, was born 2014 as a Kickstarter Project.

After a very successful funding and nearly three years of development (some time of this being in Steam Early Access) you can now get the full version on Steam and GOG for Linux!

Tides of Numenera: Update 1.1.0 with new companion "Oom" released for Linux

Tides of Numenera: Update 1.1.0

Update 1.1.0 for the (in my opionion fantastic) RPG Tides of Numenera has been released on Steam for Linux.

This update adds a new companion, which was announced as Stretch Goal for the Kickstarter-campaign: Oom.

It also adds the so called Voluminous Codex (also a Stretch Goal), which contains more information on the game world and characters.

More improvements were made concerning the balancing and last but not least also some bugs have been fixed:


The Dwarfes: huge update released for Linux on Steam

The Dwarfes Header

For the mixture of RTS/RPG The Dwarfes a 5.4 GB huge update has been released for Linux on Steam.

Besides an engine update, which leads to a slightly better performance according to the developers, there is also a lot more included in this update.

Read this announcement for more details:

Dear community,

next to a range of minor fixes, the recently released update brings the following new changes to the game: