Hitman: Holiday Pack released for Linux

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Hitman: Holiday Pack

A very special assignment awaits Agent 47 in the new Holiday Pack, which can be obtained for free between December 15th to January 5th on Steam (or in the ingame store).

In this assignment, Agent 47 has to take down two thieves of Xmas presents in Paris ...

If you don't own the main game, you'll also get the first episode incl. the first story mission "Showstopper" for free:

This month, we’re ending the year in style and inviting all players to Paris.

On December 15th, we will release the Hitman Holiday Pack that will give full access to our Paris destination. This FREE download will include the first major story mission from the game, ‘Showstopper’, plus all of the Escalation Contracts we’ve released for Paris, our ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission plus the Paris Challenge Packs and achievements too! It will also allow you to play the future re-activated Elusive Targets in Paris.

Sound like a good deal? It is. That’s why the Hitman Holiday Pack is only available for a limited time, from December 15th to January 5th. Once you’ve downloaded it, Paris is yours to keep permanently. All of your progress and mission mastery will carry through to the full game when you choose to upgrade to the Game of the Year Edition we released last month.

You’ll find the Hitman Holiday Pack either through the new in-game store or by searching on Steam for “Hitman Holiday Pack”, starting on December 15th.

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