Dying Light: new update with silencer for pistols released

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A new update for Dying Light has been released for Linux on Steam. It adds (among other things) a silencer for pistols to the game.

Since your shots now don't attract the enemies, it creates completely new stealth opportunities - especially at night:

Dying Light stealth has just been redefined!

Equip your pistols with the silencer and don’t worry about noise anymore. Now your gunshots won’t attract the enemies, which creates completely new stealth opportunities - especially at night.

How to get it:

Your character needs to be at least level 12;
Talk to the Quartermaster to get the blueprint;
Find required parts;
Craft one of the two pistols with the silencer attached;
Unleash your rage… silently!
Psst! Don’t forget that silencer-equipped pistols need a special kind of bullets, called the subsonic ammo. You have the best chance to find them in abandoned police vans.

New Features:

Added 2 new pistol blueprints featuring the silencer
Added subsonic ammunition for the silencer
Added a “What’s New” section in the main menu
General Fixes:
Fixed "The Clinic" quest crash on macOS
Minor gameplay fixes

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